Here, Belle. I hope you’re happy, Belle.

Belle is heading back to the Midwest for a visit soon.  She punctuated her announcement with an exuberant, arm-flailing cartoon pulled from the internet (or she just wanted to remind me that I cannot do these things with my flip phone).  Tired as ever, attempting to conceptualize end-of-term projects, and working until I drive my roommate to the airport at 3:30am left me questioning if I could match her energy.  Here was my response:

my projected enthusiasm

Spotlight: Michael Kupperman

Just dropping through to say that I’m still alive.  In fact, I should be studying for tomorrow’s exam as I type this.  Before I go, here is what has been my favorite image on the internet for weeks now.  Check out Michael Kupperman’s site.  It’s.  Yeah.


City Life 4

The rest of the day will be preparing for tomorrow’s exam and finishing a wedding order at the candle shop, so I’ll likely not have any time for writing, drawing, or music.  I’ll take advantage of the situation to show off some of my day and call it a worthwhile post.

Leaving the house to write a report this morning, I didn’t get 15 feet down the road on my bike before I was turning around.  Huge clusters of these mushrooms had popped up over night in the shade of the streetside trees just across the sidewalk from my front porch.

Taking advantage of last night's rain.
Taking advantage of last night’s rain.

I tried studying on the Memorial Union patio so that I could enjoy the weather, but it was more of a temptation than an inspiration.  After fifteen minutes of moderately productive review, I gave in and relocated to Dunn Meadow.  My focus increased ten-fold until I heard a scurrying behind me.  I had my usual mix of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit in my backpack, so I bought a new friend.  Best study date ever.

Taking advantage of today's grocery shopping.
Taking advantage of today’s grocery shopping.

Song Concept

Too much work and too much studying and too much not catching up on my sleep over the weekend, but not enough keeping up with my posts.

Yesterday, I took some time to sit on the front porch and play music with a friend.  It reminded me how much I miss the sadistic process of song writing that I never quite figured out.  I dredged this old concept up after a post-work shower at 2am to make sure I wouldn’t get enough rest tonight.  I’ll try to scratch out some lyrics and post a finished version soon.

I Love Typography

I am still working on my html/CSS lab assignment and work starts up at the brewery in an hour and half.  I won’t have the time for any significant drawing or writing today, so instead I’m going to promote my favorite blog.

Well written articles on the history, humor, and analysis of font design and the printing process.

Interviews and reviews.  Trend talk and resources for free and not-so-free fonts.

I love I Love Typography.