Crowned with Laurelle

Lauryn, my best friend of 6 years and counting–my sun and stars, the light of my life, my brainmate and person forever–has traveled all the way from Indiana to come love me here in Seattle. It’s been a marvelous week filled with many an adventure. Below are some sketches and doodles here and there that reflect our magical time together.

She serenaded me and I drew her.
One of my life goals is to become good at pool. Preferably by the time I have my PhD. I made some marginal improvements in my so-called techniques this week under the guidance of the brilliant Lauryn.
At my favorite cafe here in Seattle, customers can decorate milk caps that the owner then puts up on the walls. I did the one on the left; Lauryn the one on the right (the bird has caught the worm!)

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