saewhatyousae: fighting depression with fitness

Recently, the person I love most in the whole world–my brilliant, beautiful sister who never ceases to impress me with her strength, toughness, and endurance–started a blog called saewhatyousae that documents her love for fitness along with her ongoing struggles with depression. She fights her dysthymia, a long-term moderate depression, with her commitment to living an active, healthy lifestyle filled with lots and lots of powerlifting, long distance running, CrossFit, etc. She also writes about fashion (she owns an endless number of violently bright, colorful dresses and workout pants) and her darling pup Winnie (whom I’ve been plotting to steal for years now). Although she never believes me when I tell her so, my sister is also a great writer. So do check out her blog, support her in her endeavors, and maybe drop her a line of encouragement!

Here she is in all her glory, “battling depression one rep at a time.” 

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