The year of the monkey



One thought on “The year of the monkey

  1. So, you’re a monkey year, ay? That might explain some of the manic comics. 🙂 Yes, I read the same in a Chinese astrology book I picked up some years ago. Monkey years are not the best for those born the year of the monkey because the monkey is like a thief that gets away with whatever every other year. But, on monkey years, the monkeys are caught in the spotlights of the prison towers. For one year, they have to be on guard. And, for everyone else, monkey years tend to be unpredictable. 2004 was a memorable one. It had its good and bad moments. 2016 is the Fire/Red Monkey year (to be specific). Elements play a part in good/bad luck, too. But, I have yet to fully understand all of it.


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