Acknowledgments & Self’s Nerdiness



One thought on “Acknowledgments & Self’s Nerdiness

  1. Is it nerdy-ness or some heightened sort of psychology study? You take serious interest in who is connected to the author, including promotional agents, etc. It may be abnormal to people who skip right past that stuff to read a story or learn something new. But, for people like you–and I am sure you’re not alone–you just want to find threads everywhere. It’s a bit of a detective streak in you.

    I guess I’d have to open a discussion on what defines nerdy-ness. But, what you describe doesn’t feel nerdy.

    Aside from all of that…yea, write the book before bothering to worry about acknowledgements. 😛 That aspect of my books hasn’t even crossed my mind. I think more about the cover and back cover summary.


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