Guest Post: My father is an artist

I really didn’t feel like drawing today so I turned to my father for help. Despite his initial protests that he hasn’t really attempted to draw anything since his high school art teacher smacked him over the head for meticulously labeling various parts of his own drawing in case it wasn’t clear enough for the viewers to understand, my father eventually handed me these:

(Note that he signed his drawing, “O.H Kim PhDs.” Multiple PhDs.)

His original Winnie (not pictured here because he hastily began erasing when I tried to take a picture of it) looked like a cross between a deranged rat and a worm. When I couldn’t suppress my giggle, he indignantly informed me that it was a Picasso version and a true artist would have been able to appreciate his vision.

father 2
Winnie 3.0. My dad adores this dog almost as much as I do.

And of course, here is his Little Prince version:father3

He now doodles little Winnie’s whenever he gets bored–particularly when he’s in the middle of taking a dull phone call. I’ve been finding random scraps of paper around the house that feature Winnie’s adorable face:

My sister says he’s getting quite good at capturing the essence of Winnie’s spirit.

The Kim family is an artistic bunch.


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