You Should Like This: Their / They’re / There

Today was my first day back to school in over six years.  I’m off to a responsible start and need to keep momentum for class, school, and sanity, so expect the occasional (read: frequent) post that is little more than a suggestion of music you’ve probably already heard before.  Obscure or freshly pressed are not my intentions; these are the albums I find myself singing along to at 11pm on Friday night while I’m attempting to simultaneously eat dinner, drink a pregame beer, button my shirt, and apply deodorant to mask the fact that post-shift showering is not on my to-do list before meeting friends for a night out.

In the last few years, I’ve fallen off of the constant music hunt due to my growing love for audio books.  However, I finished the first book of Peter F. Hamilton’s The Night’s Dawn trilogy while at work over the weekend and didn’t feel like jumping straight into the start of another 40 hour long book with only an hour left in my shift.  Instead, I rummaged through my music collection and decided on this first:

Chicago is responsible for a lot of great music.  This band is from Chicago.  The members of this band are responsible for a lot of great music in Chicago.

Perfect for windows-down-summer-driving soundtracks, taking advantage of shower acoustics to fill out your tinny voice, and feeling righteously vindicated about the fact that you still really don’t know what to think about those ambiguous decisions you made sometime ago, Their / They’re / There’s self-titled EP is satisfying dichotomy of energetic, bouncy, predominantly major key music and lyrics that, regardless of which direction they are pointed, seem only generous in their deprecation.


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