Good News, Happy Day

I randomly decided to sort through my mail today after weeks of refusing to check my mailbox in an attempt to avoid the inevitable influx of bills for as long as possible. It was then that I found out I’ve gotten a Teaching Assistantship from my English lit department here at UW.


Of course, once I read the contents of the letter, I was too excited to look at the rest of the mail and just stuffed them all back in the mailbox. Oh well. Someday, I’ll eventually get through them.

While a little terrified at the thought of teaching composition to kids not much younger than I when I apparently still look like a freshman myself, I am mostly just ecstatic. It is a nice sign of the department faculty’s faith in my intellectual capacities.

One of the first things I shall start saving for is a trip to somewhere new with my sister. Squeak.

Today has been a happy day.


2 thoughts on “Good News, Happy Day

  1. Congratulations. I am a grad student too, and in the beginning I was a bit terrified as well. My first TAship, I was assigned an upper division course. When I entered the room for the first time, my knees were shaking, but five minutes later, I was having the time of my life. At the end of the quarter, when I read my teacher evals and realized how much the students loved me, it was the best feeling ever, I hope you have a similar experience. 🙂

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