Some Adjustments

first of all, the material:

belle and i are both prodigious insomniacs, but tonight i will be in bed before 1am.  this is the clunky, poorly recorded soundtrack to my delightfully uneventful night.  i recently made the long bike ride back home from work and couldn’t be happier about showering and reading myself to sleep.

now, the explanation.  i dropped off of the radar for a while after returning to indiana from my west coast winter hiatus.  i lept straight back into helping run a small, family-owned business, picked up a 2nd job serving at a great local microbrewery, have been preparing to return to school after more than 6 years’ time away, and had my wonderful friends and family to catch up with.

i didn’t have a wealth of free time to dedicate to my daily staple hobbies of soccer, reading, and creative writing, not to mention trying to keep up with the blog.  and it will only get worse.  once class begins next week, i’ll be under further time constraints, so i need to make some changes if i’m going to continue to contribute.  in order to get back into the swing of daily posting while trying to maintain sanity and creative balance, i’m broadening the scope of material i’ll be posting.  free writes, song ideas, sketches, book reviews, responses to current events, unnecessarily personal self-analysis, promotions of other artists, anything that holds my interest that day and allows me to keep my priorities where they need to be is likely to wind up under my postings from now on.  i also hope that this will allow me to spend days at a time on a single drawing so that i can reach further into whatever i hope to take out of that particular piece.

fingers crossed!


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