Not sure why I do this to myself…



One thought on “Not sure why I do this to myself…

  1. “As cartoonists and comics still attempt to acquaint themselves with not only how to express real human emotion but also try to decide exactly what human emotions are worth expressing, the most facile and immediate way to do it is to write about oneself. Charges of self-indulgence and navel-gazing are inevitable, especially for an artist maturing within an insulated and comparatively worry-free culture such as America’s, but isn’t art at least partly a means of finding a way out of oneself and then reporting back? The value of trying to see and feel one’s own experience is a necessary step toward understanding what communicates and works in a medium, as well as an important bridge to cross toward completely synthetic, or imaginary, storytelling, should any artist want to cross it. (Though things really aren’t that different over there, other than the grass is a bit greener — or at least it is if you want it to be.)

    “For myself, I genuinely think that one of the real responsibilities of an artist and writer (or, more properly, what I look for in writing and art myself) is a clear, honest communication of what it feels like to be alive to people who haven’t been born yet. There’s a unique emotional rudder that literature and art can provide to a consciousness drifting through life — not something as banal as a roadmap or a rule book — but a sort of sympathetic rut in the road. And whether that rut is real or imaginary, life is a lot harder to get through without it.”

    – Chris Ware


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